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Switchee is the conglomerate parent company of Australian Solar Quotes, American Solar Quotes, and Electric Cars Guide, among others. Over the last six years, Switchee & its companies have helped over 140,000 Australians make the switch - whether it be to solar, to an electric car, or between electricity providers. We're committed to making sure Australian consumers are getting the most from their power.

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Common questions and answers

  • How do solar panels work?

    Solar panels combine a number of elements that result in the flow of clean electricity.

  • How much do solar panels cost?

    Solar panel prices are determined by the size of the system. The price of a 5kW solar panel system can be as low as $3900.

  • How can Switchee save me money?

    Switchee is Australia's leading energy consumer care organisation, covering all energy saving technologies and services.

  • How do I compare energy retailers?

    You can compare energy retailers easily by completing our short online form. Get the best rates and discounts with Switchee.


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Are you paying to much for power?

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