Since Australia introduced retail competition for the electricity market, handfuls of companies have sprung up around the nation, forcing old monopolies to compete price wise to gain customers’ business.  This is great news for many homeowners around Australia who now have the ability to choose their energy provider.

New South Wales is by far and large the biggest electricity market in Australia, with over three million homeowners who have a total of eight energy retailers to compare and choose from.

Victoria is the second largest electricity market with just over two million homeowners in the state. There are a total of fourteen energy retailers that customers can choose from to provide their electricity.

Queensland is Australia’s third largest electricity market and boasts a total of nine energy retailers which serve the states approximate 1.6 million homes.

Last but not least, South Australia represents the country’s fourth largest electricity market and is home to eight energy retailers.

For homeowners living in WA or NT, there are currently no options available in the electricity marketplace to make a switch to. Hopefully, this will change in the future, ensuring the best service for homeowners all over Australia.

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