Australia has a rich and diverse array of natural resources to generate electricity and heat with. Ranging from traditional fossil fuels to newer clean sources, Australia’s energy mix is diverse, although it does depend predominantly on coal for electricity generation. The second largest source for electricity generation is natural gas. Finally, hydro, wind, biomass and other renewables make up the remaining portion (about 20%) of power generation.

The vast majority of electricity in Australia is generated through the burning of coal or oil in order to heat up water, causing it to evaporate and make turbines turn. This process generates electricity which is then distributed across the country to substations and then into our homes, offices and other buildings.

While electricity is simply a flow of electrons, not all currents of electricity are created equal. Since so much of Australia’s electricity is produced by fossil fuels, much of the country’s electricity has a high carbon footprint. Several energy retailers across Australia will give homeowners the option of offsetting their carbon footprint.

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