Ease the family budget with new energy website

Newcastle families will be happy with a new government website that will enable them to compare electricity prices and save hundreds of dollars a year as stated by the country’s Energy Regulator Commissioner.

Householders and small business owners will be able to use this ‘Energy Made Easy’ website which has been designed to allow them to compare providers and prices without any pressure from retailers.

There is currently an investigation being undertaken by the ACCC which will lead to legal action against a number of energy retailers who allegedly have been using false or misleading door-to-door sales practices.

“The new website is independent and will enable consumers to make simple comparisons,” Commissioner Cristina Cifuentes said.

She went on to say that “the savings would be up to approximately $330 per annum for a family of two.”  “However for a family of five this amount will increase to about $590, and that is in the postcode of 2300 which covers a large part of Newcastle.”  “With the potential savings for a family being quite substantial it really is worth going onto the site, and it will take very little time to do the comparison as the website is so user friendly.”

Commissioner Cifuentes is confident that the new website will make sure locals are not stung by dodgy door-to-door salespeople.

She also said “Consumers want to find the best deal out there but are finding it hard to make the right decisions, especially when comparing so many offers from a number of different retailers because there is just too much information out there.”

“This government website ‘Energy Made Easy’ is totally independent.”

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