South Australian electricity bills to increase by $100 PA

I South Australia 11 electricity retail companies have said that the cost of electricity will rise.   A single household electricity user will be paying on average $100 more per year for the electricity used.

It seems that this decision has been made and is final due to the news being published in the last week of June 2013.  The government and electricity companies have made no further amendments or given any response since this news was released giving a clear indication of the fact that they are already onto it.

So what you need to do now?

Every little bit of money matters so although $100 per year does not seem like a large amount, you really shouldn’t ignore it.  If you are a home user you need to look at reasonable steps and take some precautionary action to lower your electricity bills.

To prevent having to pay the $100 price increase you need to try and reduce your electricity consumption by the end of the financial year.  Your target must be to lower your electricity bill by $100 so as to not be affected by the price increase.  You are asking – how can I do this?

There are a few easy ways to reduce your electricity consumption which in turn leads to lower electricity bills:

1.       Replace your halogen bulbs with LED (Light Emitting Diodes) light bulbs.  LED’s use less energy compared to other diodes, an LED bulb consumes nearly 50% (or less) energy per year than a halogen bulb of the same watts.  You will save a lot if you replace these bulbs now.

2.       Use solar energy and wind energy.  It is a lot cheaper than coal energy even though the government has removed all the subsidies from solar panels and parts.  You will save a great deal of electricity by purchasing a small sized solar panel.

3.       Do not waste electricity.  This is a free method to reduce your electricity consumption.  We unintentionally waste power every day, so be careful and stop wasting electricity so you can save well more than $100 per year.  Make sure all you appliances, cords, extension leads etc are checked regularly and you will see the difference right away.

One more thing that is important: 

There is no problem in this world that comes without a solution.

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